Triple X Files 09

Private line: Triple X Files

Directed by: Gabriel Zero, Arthus Milo, Cristophe Clark, Kovi

After a night of partying, a man returns home with his buddy. The sight of his wife asleep in bed, makes them horny and they awaken her to find she is hot for a "Home Party" with both men. • A busty Brazilian girl gives two guys a quivering lesson in sensuality, combining salsa with European sexuality in "Brazilian Journey". • Just before the disco opens some male employees rev up their motors and cocks with a gorgeous girl who will later bring you a drink in "Discosex". • Photography is a complex art - everything must be just right when the artist 'shoots' in "Photo Session". • A former Marine captain returns to the Orient to find "The Geisha" he left behind is still happy to spread the petals of her lotus flower for him as East and West cum together in a cultural orgasm. • Renaissance palaces could be boring places so the leading lady of "Gold Decade" livens up her dinner party with a courtesan fancy for dessert - her manservant's cock, her husband joins in the action with a deep and delicious anal penetration.

Release date: 09/01/1998

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