Triple X Files 07

Private line: Triple X Files

Directed by: Christophe Clark, Frfançois Clousot, Nic Cramer, Pierre Woodman

In “Business for pleasure” you will see what sort of lustful boob-business two executives and a big-breasted blonde get up to in a hotel room. • Two beautiful women, “Carmen & Laura”, liven up the evening for a rather excited gentleman... • In “Nympho Service” a black man asks for the “special services” of the hotel: to have a stud sent to his room to help him satisfy his girlfriend’s insatiable lust. • The dampness of the sea is not the only thing that moistens two girls’ panties on board a ship. A waiter’s and a traveler’s cocks fill their evening with pleasure in “Twin Lovers”. • A couple’s idea of spending a pleasant afternoon in a country cottage is not like going there to catch butterflies, but rather to get an orgy going with the owner in “Butterfly”. • The photographer of “Strike a Pose” gets so horny with his models that he drops his camera and works them over with his other ‘instrument’.

Release date: 05/01/1998

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