Triple X Files 04

Private line: Triple X Files

Directed by: Arthus Milo, Christophe Clark, Frank Thring, François Clousot, Nic Cramer

“Volley Ball’s”: Two guys are going to teach Mishi how to handle balls... to finally end up in the shower. • In “A House With a View” you can see what can be done between a couple and a gardener after looking at the magnificent view from a house. • “Stairway to Pleasure”: Janka, the hottest of all, does her thing with a guy on the very stairs... • In “Long Distance Train”, after having missed the train, two guys discover Margo, a girl that is out of this world. • “Will You Play?”: Two couples play more than just a game at a poolroom... • In “Her Secret Garden” Alyssa gets very horny watching the gardeners from her terrace... she will achieve her intentions!

Release date: 04/01/1998

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