The Private Sex Survivors

Private line: Private Tropical

Directed by: Max Bellochio

PRIVATE'S own version of "Survivor"! Tropical temptations await you with the hottest babes under the sun. Join them on a journey to their very own Private Paradise as they invite you to enjoy watching them having the hardest and horniest sex you could ever dream of. In this first movie of the PRIVATE TROPICAL label, we traveled to Santo Domingo with Jodie Moore and friends. Five men are left stranded on an island. They must survive and compete with one another whilst being followed by a camera team 24 hours a day. Their goal is to leave the forest and make for a village where the women live. The first man to reach the female enclave has the right to do whatever he wishes until the others catch up. Then the women decide which members of the group must leave because at the end of the game only one man will remain. He will choose his favourite from among the girls and the couple become the winners of the first edition of the Private Sex Survivors.

Release date: 07/01/2002

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